2:00 pm   Okay to arrive early and fish
     5:00          Register and move into cabins
     7:00         Supper   (Retreat officially begins)
     8:15          Evening Get-Together
     9:15          Free Time
     ?:00          Bed Time  (Remember, the early bird catches the worm, and the worm catches the fish!)

     ?:00 am    Early Fishing for the Early Birds
     7:45          Breakfast
     8:10          Morning Devotional
     8:30          Fishing Rodeo Begins!   (See Guidelines Below)
   11:00          Morning Fishing Ends   (Turn in fish to be counted and weighed)
   11:15          Midday Get-Together
   12:15 pm   Lunch
     1:00          Casting Competition
     1:30          Fishing Rodeo Resumes

     4:00          Fishing Competition Ends - Turn in all fish.  (Okay to keep fishing until supper)
     5:30          Fish Fry Supper and Awards!
     ?:??          Pack up and Return Home   (Travel safely. We'll see you next year!)

  1. Participation is optional.
  2. Each fishing team must consist of at least two members.
  3. Begin with empty stringer at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.
  4. Remove fish from stringer at 11 a.m. and turn them in.
  5. Turn in afternoon catch at 4 p.m.
  6. Only fish worth cleaning will count towards the team total.
  7. Trophies will be awarded to:
    • The person who catches the largest fish.
    • The team which catches the most fish (per person average).
    • Winners in the casting competition.

  1. Watch out for snakes and fire ant beds along shore line.
  2. Wear insect repellent on your legs to guard against ticks.
  3. Keep lake front and campground free of litter.
  4. Life jackets must be worn by all boaters; these are in the Lake Front Shop.
  5. No smoking in any building.
  6. Return all equipment back to the Rec Hall after use, and return life jackets to the Lake Front Shop.
  7. Be on time to each activity (bring Bible to each "Get Together").  Attendance is not optional.
  8. Wear only soft-soled shoes in the Gym.  Use the Gym only for basketball & volleyball.
  9. Please keep food and drink out of the Gym, Rec Hall, and Lakeview.
  10. The Ropes Course in the woods is off limits.
  11. Coffee and hot chocolate are available in the Dining Hall at no charge.  Cokes and candy may be purchased from the snack and drink machines on the Rec Hall porch.  Change will be available at meal times.
  12. Please return canoes and john boats to the boat rack when finished with them.
  13. No unsafe use of boats and no swimming in the lake.
  14. Fathers and "adopters" are totally responsible for the safety of their boys.  Please stay together.
  15. Get to know as many folks as possible ...have fun!