Information about the upcoming retreat.

 WHERE:  Lake Forest Ranch
Between Louisville, MS and Macon, MS

 WHEN:  2021 TBD
Friday afternoon to Saturday supper.

 WHO:  Any Father and Son  (Also includes Grandfathers, Uncles, the boy's friends, etc.)
 Any Man who brings a Boy whose father is not available.
 Any Man or College Student that fishes with a boy from the:
  1. Baptist Children's Village  (Louisville)
  2. Methodist Children's Home (Jackson)
  3. Columbus Air Force Base  (Columbus)
  1.  Fishing Rodeo!
  2.  Group Activities
  3.  Boating  (Canoes, Row Boats, Paddle Boats)
  4.  Games  (Game Room, Gymnasium, & Outdoors)
  5.  Saturday Night Fish Fry!
  6.  Etc.
Various times of Group Devotions and Discussions
 SCHEDULE:  See the SCHEDULE page for details
 FISH FOR:  Largemouth Bass, Red Ear Bream, Blue Gill Bream, Channel Catfish, and Crappie.

 LICENSE:  NO fishing licenses are required.

  1.  Fishing Gear
  2.  Bait   ( live bait works well )
  3.  Boat and Motor if available  ( also a few small boats are at the camp )
  4.  Extra clothes
  5.  Bedding   ( sleeping bag or twin sheets, blanket, pillow, etc. )(Cabin Photos)
  6.  Bathroom Items  ( towels, soap, toothbrush, etc. )
  7.  Bible
  8.  Insect Repellent
  9.  Sunscreen
  10.  Digital Camera  (Please take a lot of pictures at the retreat then send them to so that we can post them on the website)
 COST:  MEN & BOYS:  $60 per Man & $25 per Boy

NOTE:  The retreat fees pay for 4 meals, lodging, recreation facilities, and other activities.  The fees also allow all of the Baptist Children's Village Boys, and Methodist Children's Home Boys to attend at no cost.  Thanks for your help!

If the cost of the retreat will prevent you from attending, please give us a call at the camp. Sponsorships are available for those who need special financial consideration.
 REGISTER:  Click on the REGISTER tab at the top of the page.